Air Duct Cleaning for Optimum Performance

Air Control of Mobile is proud to offer world-class air duct cleaning and repair services to home and business owners across our community. We’ll not only make sure your ducts are free of dust and other contaminants, but we’ll also make sure they aren’t leaking hot or cold air and forcing your HVAC appliances to work harder. Ultimately, we’re here to save you money on energy bills, cleaning efforts, and health appointments, and by offering clean, functional ducts, we can do all that. We’ve been helping air ducts function at their best since 1996, and we’d love to help yours.

When you choose us for air duct cleaning, we’ll bring the best equipment to your home or business and get the job done with efficiency and care. Our friendly cleaners will cover furniture and floors and pay attention to every detail to make sure the only evidence of their work is fresh, clean air. If you choose to have your ducts tested for leaks, we’ll use cutting-edge tools to identify trouble spots where the ducts are allowing heated or cooled air into your attic or walls. If we find leaks, we’ll seal them and help your air conditioner or heater last longer by lightening its load. We won’t leave until we’re sure your ducts are functioning at their best.

Air Control of Mobile is a family-owned and -operated company with a passion for customizing HVAC services to the unique needs of hardworking home and business owners. If you’re a business owner, we’ll schedule service outside of business hours so your business doesn’t lose momentum. If you’re a homeowner, we’ll treat your home with care and respect. Contact us today to schedule service.

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