For most Americans who own a home, there are specific times of year that really make you feel like an adult who is invested in the care and image of their home. These moments each year when responsibility, tradition, or friendly competitiveness with the neighbors come in many different shapes and sizes: Spring cleaning, putting up Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving, going all-in on Halloween decorations. 


Some are more fun than others, but in a sense, each of them gives us a sense of pride in caring for and caring about the home that we live in.


One such annual event that often gets overlooked, yet remains an integral part of your annual home care routine, is the annual heater inspection from your friendly, local HVAC company. At Air Control of Mobile, we’ve been helping our customers with annual heater inspections, tune-ups, repairs, and replacements since 1996. 


So even though the really cold weather is still almost another month away, we wanted to remind you that this is the time of year when you should schedule your heater inspection to get ahead of any problems that might be lurking after two seasons of heater inactivity.


Read on to learn all about what you can expect from your annual heater inspection, or to schedule a heater inspection, repair, or other service in Mobile or Baldwin Counties, get in touch with the friendly residential and commercial HVAC professionals at Air Control of Mobile today by calling or by filling out our online contact form.

Why Is a Heater Inspection So Important?

Nobody wants to be left out in the cold come the longer and significantly colder nights of a Mobile winter when it can threaten to reach the freezing mark outside. Annual heater inspections from Air Control of Mobile ensure that your furnace or heat pump is in good working order and appear prepared to get you through the winter. Any red flags in your system will be spotted by our heater inspection technician, so you can learn about the risks, determine the right solution for you, and get a fix in before the really cold nights begin to arrive.

What Your Heater Inspection Technician Will Check

When you call Air Control of Mobile for your heater inspection in Mobile or Baldwin counties, our technicians will check all of the following items and more:

Air Filters

Dirty air filters are one of the single biggest culprits when it comes to the wear and tear on your home’s heater. Although dust isn’t a huge issue for homeowners in mobile because of the humidity, pet hair and pollen can all clog up your filter fast. Most air filters should be changed between every month and every three months for optimum heater health.


Your heater inspection tech will also make sure that your heater’s thermostat is properly calibrated. If it isn’t, your heater may turn on too frequently or not frequently enough, leading to poor energy efficiency and a home that may not actually be the temperature you want it to be.

Connections, Gas Lines, and Heat Exchangers

Your heater is one of the more complicated systems that you have in your home, especially if you have a furnace and not just a heat pump. A bevy of connections, wiring, and other internal components make up your heater, and all of them need to be well-secured and in good operating order. From your gas line to your heat exchanger, the team at Air Control of Mobile will make sure your system is ready to run all winter long.

Burner Blockages

Sometimes the burners on your furnace can become clogged with debris. Your ignitor can also get too dirty and fail to properly fire. Our heater inspection tech will make sure that your systems are clean and firing properly when they come to your home to make sure your heater is doing its job safely.

System Controls

Your heater has various systems and safety controls. For the best energy efficiency and to ensure that in the case of a malfunction, your heater will turn itself off to protect you and your family, the entirety of your heater’s control panels and systems must be thoroughly checked.

Overall Housing Health

Loose paneling and poor fitting housings can drastically reduce your heater’s efficiency, which can lead to not only a colder home in the winter, but also to higher energy cost on your monthly utility bills. When you make sure that you are scheduling regular annual heater inspections from Air Control of Mobile, we will make sure that your heater housing and panels are re-secured tightly — the way they need to be for your heater to work up to its full capabilities.

Get a Report Card for Your Heater

The most important piece of the entire heater inspection is saved for the end. Once your heater inspection has been completed by a certified Air Control of Mobile technician, he or she will take the time to review the entire heater inspection “report card” with you. 


Your tech will go over everything that they inspected on your heating unit, making sure to highlight both the things that were in perfect working order as well as the items that they may recommend service, regular maintenance, or immediate repairs for.


No matter what, you will know about every potential problem that your heater might throw at you before it can become a problem in December and January when the nights start to cool off.

Contact Air Control of Mobile To Schedule Your Heater Inspection Today

To schedule your heater inspection this year, fill out our online form, or give us a call directly. We look forward to bringing some warmth into your home this winter.