The average temperature in Mobile is around 90 degrees during July and August. That means we are right in the thick of the hottest time of the year here in Southwest Alabama with no chance of temperatures cooling anytime soon. While temperatures outside soar into the 90s during the day, your home’s indoor temperature could hover in the mid to upper 80s if your air conditioner is on the fritz or broken altogether. Not only is that too hot to be comfortable indoors, but it could be dangerous for some individuals. As your source for affordable emergency air conditioning repair, Air Control of Mobile is here when you need us most. Let’s take a look at five reasons you may need to call on our services this summer.

What Warrants Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

The System Is Blowing Hot Air

There might be nothing more distressing than hearing your air conditioning kick on only to feel hot air coming out of the vents. This is certainly no way to cool your house and in fact, it could expedite the process of your home heating up during a hot summer’s day. The problem could be as simple as a blockage in the ductwork, or it could be more complicated than that. Only a professional can diagnose the problem accurately to help restore proper functionality.

There Is Ice Forming on the Unit

Some might not see any issue with ice forming on their air conditioning unit, thinking that the ice will work to enhance the cold air that their system delivers. In reality, the formation of ice on the evaporator coil of your AC unit is not a good thing. If you see this, or if you see that a puddle has formed beneath the unit, it is wise to contact an emergency air conditioning repairman right away because it could indicate a refrigerant leak.

It Doesn’t Run When Turned On

Nothing is more indicative of needing emergency repairs than a system that won’t run when it is turned on. While it is normal for there to be a slight delay before the unit kicks on after you turn your air conditioning on or adjust the temperature, excessive delays or failure to run at all indicate a serious problem. Our experienced technicians can perform a detailed inspection to determine the cause of the problem and we can often perform repairs right on the spot.

You Notice Electrical Issues

Air conditioning units require a lot of electricity to operate. Depending on the size of unit you have and how it is wired, it might even cause lights to dim for a second when it turns on. While this is somewhat normal, there are other electrical issues that could indicate a problem with the system. For example, if a breaker trips every time your air conditioning unit turns on, that is a sign it is pulling too much electricity and a thorough inspection is needed.

There Is an Odd Odor or Sound

There is no such thing as a silent air conditioner. If you have been in your home for any period of time, you are likely used to the noises that your air conditioning system makes. In fact, you may be so accustomed to them that you don’t even hear them anymore. If you hear an unusual clicking or clunking, this could mean there is a serious problem. Likewise, if you smell something that smells like plastic burning, it is time to call an emergency repairman.

Why You Should Leave Air Conditioning Repairs to the Pros

When an air conditioning emergency strikes on a weekend, in the middle of the night, or another inconvenient time, it can be tempting to try to handle the issue on your own. Below are three reasons why you should always leave emergency air conditioning repair to our experienced pros.

Your Safety

First and foremost, your safety should be your number one concern. Air conditioning repairs involve many intricate tasks that can be dangerous when completed by an untrained professional. If performed incorrectly, you could be exposing yourself and others in your home to dangerous conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, electrocution, and even explosions. Our team of experts knows how to safely repair any type of problem.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the industry that makes us experts on virtually every type and brand of air conditioning unit. This allows us to diagnose and repair problems quickly and effectively, ensuring a long-lasting repair that provides you with peace of mind. Unless you have a background in air conditioning repair yourself, there is simply no other way to obtain fast and reliable repairs.

Warranty Concerns

Most air conditioning units come with some type of manufacturer’s warranty. If you are still within the warranty period, then it pays to have a qualified air conditioning repair tech perform repairs and maintenance. Why? There is usually a clause within the manufacturer’s warranty that stipulates you must have proof of professional repairs before any type of replacement will be considered.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Mobile

Are you in desperate need of emergency air conditioning repair in Mobile or the surrounding area? Whether your system is making strange noises or your AC fan motor has quit, our team of experts are here to provide you with affordable, reliable repair services to ensure your indoor comfort day and night. Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioning repair services we offer and enjoy the benefits of working with a team that has more than 100 years of combined experience!